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Sample LimeSurvey for 1.92+

This demo shows all of the question types and options available within LimeSurvey versions 1.92+ Many of the new capabilities utilize the built-in ExpressionManager (EM), including dynamic, relevance-based, cascading, conditional branching and micro-tailoring of questions.
This demo shows the main capabilities of ExpressionManager, including:
  1. Dynamic tailoring of question text, including real-time Assessments. This includes access to a dozen question attributes so that you can show print-answer-like reports mid-survey
  2. Dynamic control of question visibility via Relevance - like dynamic, complex Conditions
  3. Flagging irrelevant questions as Not Applicable (they get NULLed in the database)
  4. Cascading relevance - since irrelevant questions have their responses blanked out, relevance conditions can be cascaded by checking whether any single predecessor has a valid response.
  5. Refer to questions by the SPSS/R variable_label (title/code) or via SGQA code
  6. Navigation Index that lets you jump backwards, change answers, then safely jump forwards again (it will re-compute and validate everything in between)
  7. Default Values (group All Question Types) - Note that if questions with default values become irrelevant, are saved, then become relevant again, the default values are restored
  8. Enhanced development and debugging tools - e.g. from admin mode, select 'Survey Logic File' to see one-page view of all question/subquestion/answer text, conditions, attributes, relevance, validation, and tailoring; and click on any variable name to open a new window to edit that question or group.

Please be sure to change your answers on the page, and navigate back and forth to see how it changes which questions you see and what they say.

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